Clare Chatot, Ph.D.

Department of Biology
Ball State University

Pre-Health Professional Advisor



Educational Background

B.S., Villanova University
M.S., Villanova University
Ph.D., University of Connecticut, Ph.D., 1982

Professional Background

Research Fellow, Department of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1982-1986
Senior Research Fellow, Cell Biology Group, The Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology, 1987-1990
Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Transgenic Expression Unit Genzyme Corp., Framingham, MA, 1990-1991
Ball State University, 1991 to present.

General Research Interest Areas

Courses Currently Teaching

Principles of Biology I (BIO 111)
Developmental Biology (BIO 470/570)
Structure and Development of Vertebrates (ZOOL 330)


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Professional Memberships

Society for Developmental Biology
Teratology Society
American Society for Cell Biology
Indiana Academy of Science
Midwest Teratology Society
American Association for the Advancement of Science
Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society, BSU Chapter
Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society, Villanova Chapter